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Beginning & Creative Movement Classes

Join us for our early childhood development dance classes! Shake out the wiggles, learn, play, and create!

Ages 2-3

T - 4:30-5:00p Beginning Movement

Sa - 9:00-9:30a Beginning Movement

Ages 3-4

M - 5:00-5:45p Tiny Tumble

T - 5:00-5:30p Creative Movement

Sa - 9:30-10:00a Creative Movement


About Our Classes

Its more than just a dance class

Storybook Movement

Each week your dancer will dash into a new and exciting dance adventure based off a new story! Stories will be themed around the month, events, and kids mood!

Broadway Bound

This new combo class will give your dancer a taste of tap and a taste of jazz! Dancers will learn TWO routines for our recital  and will study musical theater music! Most music will come from Broadway Hits!

  • Cute little kids dancers on white backgr

Beginning & Creative



Our beginning and creative movement classes are one of the best ways to introduce dance to your little one. Classes are set up combo style - learning basic ballet, jazz, and tumbling. Dancers also dabble in basic tap! Excellent class for strengthening those fine motor skills as well! 

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